ROCKTHOR - PATRIOT DEFENSE SYSTEMS - is our exclusive brand of protection products, solutions & services, and it is the result of the merger of the competences of ASTROBIONIX, Gian-Marco Cabibbe´s original company  with CORMORANT CONSTELLATION and several other ventures.

We are specialized in protection technology research (such as CBRN-E & ballistic protection and polyurea applications), in autonomous aviation & maritime systems, and in the development of technologies for intelligence, reconnaissance, surveillance, force protection, maritime interdiction, coastal protection, and amphibious operations including counter-terrorism.

ROCKTHOR is also the leading brand for preparedness and survival gear, and for high-performance, purpose-built vehicles, vessels, and aircraft.

Preparedness .. because permanent emergency shall not be the normalcy

Readiness .. because it wasn´t raining when Noah built the ark

Response .. because awareness without action is worthless

ROOSTER Hybrid Drone-Robot + Highfield ROCKTHOR PATROL 860 "Docking Station" RHIB

ROCKTHOR Bug-Out Vehicles & Disaster Preparedness Training

OUR FAVORITE BRANDS .. i.e. we develop solutions based on these brands

ROCKTHOR - ANCILLARY SERVICES - is our division in charge of providing specialized support services such as:

  • insurance coverage in HRAs
  • medical support service
  • logistics
  • freight forwarding
  • customs brokerage
  • warehousing
  • distribution

ROCKTHOR - LONE STAR TEAM - is our Texas-based division in charge of development, procurement, and marketing of safety & security solutions for the oil & gas industry, both on land and offshore. Our portfolio includes:

  • PPE & safety gear
  • explosion-proof vehicles
  • fire-fighting vessels
  • airborne surveillance systems
  • underwater protection systems
  • satellite-based field equipment monitoring
  • personnel security solutions

ROCKTHOR - AEROSPACE SOLUTIONS - is our division in charge of providing specialized support services such as:

  • drone maintenance
  • satellite-based services
  • special materials
  • flight crew & ground crew training
  • procurement services
  • spare parts management
  • special operations

ROCKTHOR - HIGH NORTH TEAM - is our Manitoba-based division in charge of developing solutions for safe & secure operations in the Arctic.  Our portfolio includes:

  • extreme cold weather survival gear
  • wildlife protection system
  • drift & pack ice boat protection
  • life support & energy solutions
  • protection of scientific expeditions
  • protection of research facilities


  • based on the Bremont S502 Jet
  • 500 m water resistance
  • helium escape valve
  • soft iron anti-magnetic protection
  • anti-shock protection
  • GMT function
  • certified as chronometer
  • engraving possible (6 letters)

THE ROCKTHOR WATCH is the most technical watch for pilots, professional divers, special forces operators, and professionals.