Our Profile: CABIBBE | The Left-Of-Bang Company is a science- and technology-based boutique consulting firm with over 25 years of experience in the aerospace, defense, and security sectors.  We are focused on a cyber-physical & psychological protection of the human domain.  We are based in Kalamata, Greece and in Trieste, Italy.  We have our own office in Tel-Aviv, Israel where we acquire most of our security solutions, and thanks to our worldwide network of Vetted Partners we can provide services in over 160 ports & marinas all across the Mediterranean Basin, in East Africa, India, and Southeast Asia.

Our Idea of Security: Security is neither a service nor a product, but rather it is a cross-disciplinary strategy whereby processes, systems, and services are designed & integrated to eliminate vulnerabilities, to reduce the probability of incidents, and to mitigate accidents.

Our Philosophy: the best security strategy is to make any attack against your assets too inconvenient to carry out.

Our Holistic Approach: a complete integration of aerospace & defense systems, planetary exploration know-how, security science, geopolitical intelligence, human factors engineering, frontier market experience, IoE competence, psychology, legal expertise, and education with the latest concepts in risk management and in strategic operations in the air, land, sea, space, cyber, electromagnetic spectrum, & human domains.




Once upon a time, Safety and Security were two diverging concepts.  Nowadays, in a connected society where all safety & security systems are cyber-controlled, Safety and Security have become convergent concepts, truly the two sides of the same coin .. this coin has been collectively designated as "Security" and encompasses all aspects of protection, resilience, survival, and, of course, of the original terms of safety and security. One example is "Homeland Security" which deals with acts of terrorism and natural disasters alike. Another example is "Maritime Security", which deals with all human activities at sea, both on surface and subsea, in the airspace above the maritime assets, and on all related land infrastructures. With the oceans covering over 60% of the Earth´s surface and hosting 90% of the world´s commercial trade, we made Maritime Security our focus.

CABIBBE is specialized in creating international joint ventures for the advancement of sustainable maritime security. With our worldwide network of partners in the private security, renewables, military, and bleeding-edge technology sectors, we constantly develop cooperation projects aimed to boost prevention, preemption, protection, survival & resilience, and a secure lifestyle in the maritime domain.

CABIBBE is the first European Collaborative Partner of the Maritime Security Resilience Alliance, a US-based organization providing the private sector with guidance & support in aligning physical security, cyber security, cognitive security, and security education in order to operationalize security resilience in the maritime domain and in the protection of critical infrastructures.  The Alliance is headquartered at the NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida, and works in close cooperation with the DHS, the FBI, the USCG, and the US Navy.


CABIBBE is the only company in the world to bring space exploration expertise into the superyacht "luxury & lifestyle" security sector.  By putting together over 25 years of experience in manned spaceflight with over 25 years of experience in defense engineering and over 25 years of experience in private security, we have developed a complete concept for the total security of yourself, of your family, of your associates, and of your cyberphysical sanctum sanctorum.  This concept encompasses:

  • the human factor & isolation psychology .. we take care of the most important elements, YOU & YOUR FAMILY, from a cyber-physical security as well as a psychological point-of-view for a positive, proactive adaptation to a secluded lifestyle; we help you with preparedness & resilience training; we evaluate your lifestyle and we carry out security audits for your whole family; our team of psychology experts coming from the manned spaceflight sector will help you and your family cope with isolation due to the pandemic restrictions; your kids will be excited to meet astronauts who will give them good advice on how to live a "remote" life; the adults will gain some insight on how isolation psychology works and what to do to prevent problems;

  • the "survival & living" factor .. surviving is important and so is living. Our technologies allow you to survive the worst of disasters, from asteroids to nuclear fallout to natural disasters to pandemics and asymmetrical warfare, while our design allows you to live in a comfortable way also in the worst of times; we implement the best space technology for food, water, and energy production: we ensure you will always have the best (tele)medical care for the whole family; we ensure your business continuity;

  • security without firearms .. once you enter national waters, you have to declare your weapons, and most likely lock them in the on-board safe or surrender them until you depart again. And normally you have to depart from the same port of arrival and at a specific time.  A security based on things that must be surrendered or that can be seized is a very bad approach. For us Security is something that nobody can take away from you, and that allows you to enter and leave any port, without notifying anybody;

  • the sea, land, air, & space domains .. we protect your yacht, your submarine, your very own "sealab", your private island, your art collection, your waterfront mansion, and all the aspects connected to your earthling life against all kinds of criminal attack and natural disasters; we retrofit your current assets or we can engineer your yacht or Doomsday Survival Ark with your favorite shipyard, your architect, and your security manager;

  • the cyber domain .. we protect your "online" life and the "online" life of your children;

  • the electromagnetic spectrum domain .. we protect your wireless communications with military-grade technologies against intrusions, hi-energy electromagnetic pulses, electronic warfare, and we guarantee your privacy against electronic eavesdropping;

  • air travel & emergency evacuation .. our many years of technical experience as aviation safety & security specialists allow us to provide you with a 360-degree protection package for all your airborne needs, from business travel to emergency evacuation.

Food Safety & Catering Security: food poisoning can be as deadly as a bomb hidden in your lobster.  Our food safety & catering security team provides you with the highest level of food safety and catering security worldwide. In particular we look after:

  • eventual health hazards at location of delivery and of fishing / harvesting;
  • constant monitoring of WHO & State authorities health warnings;
  • quality of delivered supplies;
  • supplies paperwork trail and labeling;
  • supplier compliance with health regulations;
  • proper food processing and storage;
  • raw food handling;
  • delivery security & tampering prevention;
  • goods inspection & scanning before they are loaded on-board;
  • biochem analysis for bacteria, chemicals, etc.;
  • on-board food preparation (cooking temperature, blast chilling, storage, expiration and waste management);
  • training of crew in matter of health and safety;
  • monitoring delivery personnel until they leave the pier.


CABIBBE´s own Red Team is specialized in carrying out attacks against the Client´s assets in order to test the defense systems.

Red-teaming goes way beyond penetration testing.  While the latter is used in the initial phases, the former is meant to evaluate the defense response of mature organizations which already had penetration tests and fixed the major vulnerabilities.

Made up by the most experienced advisors from elite Israeli units, our Red Team carries out the following tests:

  • physical vulnerabilities
  • cyber vulnerabilities
  • electromagnetic vulnerabilities
  • human vulnerabilities (social engineering & "people hacking")

Our targets are:

  • first & foremost, the family as a whole
  • partners & associates
  • service suppliers
  • superyachts
  • marinas
  • offshore infrastructures


CABIBBE is a leading provider of next-gen private security solutions. 

cyber-physical risk assessment

cognitive security & GEOINT

route planning

en-route threat avoidance

crisis management

protection against aerial & underwater drones

asymmetric threat management

ports & port facilities security

offshore security

dangerous goods (IMDG) security

AI-based maritime security

space-based maritime asset monitoring

immigration & border control

special infrastructures security

energy security

communications security

dry ports & logistics security

coastal surveillance

large-scale subsea project security

convoy protection


CABIBBE is an esteemed training organization with partners in many Countries in order to provide security training according to local laws & regulations.  Our portfolio includes:

ISPS / STCW training

salvage and firefighting training

maritime expeditionary medicine training

sea cliff tactical climbing

professional diving training

HRA security training

close protection training

submerged aircraft egress training

cave diving & rescue training

navigation technologies training


CABIBBE is an experienced security engineering company focused on the design, production, customization and integration of state-of-the-art defense systems.  Our engineered protection solutions include:

TARPON-1: click on photo

GATOR-1: click on photo

NAMOR-1: click on photo

satcom systems

underwater perimeter protection

blast mitigation coatings

vessel - ship integration

FLANKER-1: click on photo

SEAL-1: click on photo

course management solutions

ship-to-ship communications

special vessels

"benign by design" vessels

close protection simulation systems


CABIBBE is an esteemed aerospace & defense systems engineering consulting firm with over 25 years of experience in the air, land, sea, space, cyber, electromagnetic field, and human domains on many international defense & space projects and for leading players like AIRBUS, Boeing, Lockheed, Liebherr, Diehl, and many others. 

Today, CABIBBE is totally dedicated to Aerospace Security defined as the projection of the air & space forces of Allied Countries in order to protect the maritime domain.



















Gian-Marco Cabibbe (call sign Mach), founder, owner, principal consultant or, as he likes to call himself, RfE - Responsible for Everything, has an academic background in applied physics & planetary science, a specialization in manned spaceflight systems and over 25 years of consulting experience in several strategic industrial sectors. He is a former research pilot, flight instructor, flight test engineer, reduced-gravity flight specialist, professional diver, security operative with military experience, and has completed basic cosmonaut training besides having been a Technical Observer of over 40 NASA Space Shuttle missions.  Additionally, he served as advisor on the EASA Helicopter Safety Team, as systems engineer for the International Space Station, and as subcontract manager for the NH90 helicopter program. He is a trainer in survival, preparedness, resilience, and occupational & personal safety, is a certified PFSO & CSO, is L-ALS qualified, and has a great passion for geopolitics, psychology, history, and the Mediterranean culture.

Born in Milan, Italy in 1969 from an Milanese-Istrian family of Jewish heritage, raised, educated and professionally developed in the Southern USA, and worked in many Countries and environments including the Arctic, Gian-Marco is perfectly bilingual in Italian & English and has an excellent understanding of written and spoken German. 

He has founded several companies, most notably ASTROBIONIX, and he currently serves as CEO of SpaceNautix, a commercial space company supporting science education programs in developing Countries through a joint venture called InnovaSpaceNautix.  Passionate about air racing, desert racing, and truck racing, Gian-Marco is the owner & manager of ROCKTHOR REDNECKS, a motorsports team headquartered in Mobile, Alabama, USA.

Because of the sensitive nature of the activities and secrecy & privacy issues, Gian-Marco is the sole point-of-contact for the Client.

connect with Gian-Marco here