.. keeping Clients a few steps ahead of threat ..

      My name is Gian-Marco Cabibbe and I am a protective design consultant with 25+ years of academic & professional experience in physical sciences & military technology and specialized in MARITIME DOMAIN AWARENESS, in all-hazards / multi-threat preparedness & readiness for the maritime sector, in the protection of people, infrastructures and assets in coastal areas & in open sea, and in the utilization of emerging space technologies for private maritime security.

        .. onshore, nearshore & riverine, offshore, surface, subsea, and subterra .

      I am also a defense systems advisor and a procurement & acquisition agent registered with NATO, SAM and the UN, for all sorts of aircraft & spacecraft, ships, armored vehicles, defense systems, rolling stock, containers, industrial machinery, hi-tech equipment, necessity goods, medical devices & healthcare products, personal & collective protection equipment, military materiel in general, and of technical, professional, & security services.

      I was born in Milan, Italy in 1969 and I am based & business-registered in Kalamata & Glyfada, Greece.  When I am not in Greece, I work out of my Italian offices in Trieste & Bolzano or directly at my Partners´ offices across Europe, Israel, Nigeria, India, and the Philippines.

      I chose to work in the maritime sector because it is the most comprehensive domain on Earth .. not only it includes the open seas, the abyss, and the coastal areas, but it also includes land-based infrastructures, advanced surface ships & submarines, planetary exploration technologies, and the strongest "friend & foe": nature !!  For a planetary scientist & defense systems engineer like myself, the Maritime Domain is the ultimate challenge.

      I have given myself the not-so-pompous title of "Responsible for Everything" as I am the sole point of contact for the Client, available 24 / 7.  I trade under the business name CABIBBE | PROTECTIVE DESIGN CONSULTING.