Gian-Marco is an internationally recognized leading expert in hard & soft target hardening and he provides expert guidance in:

  • soft target protection
  • physical & cyber hardening of air, land, and sea targets
  • CBRN-E protection
  • electromagnetic pulse protection and protection against electronic warfare
  • CPTED - crime prevention through environmental design
  • coastal defense & fortification

Additionally, Gian-Marco is a certified PFSO / OFSO & CSO and provides maritime security consulting (ISPS - BMP5 - IMDG) with particular attention to the protection of port facilities, offshore infrastructures, and private yachts.


Gian-Marco has over 25 years of experience in providing project management & engineering consulting services and his experience includes:

  • Spacelab / Shuttle program
  • MIR / Shuttle program
  • ISS / Shuttle program
  • Boeing 747-400 LCF
  • NH90 NFH
  • A330 MRTT
  • A350 XWB
  • A320 neo
  • Galileo EU satellite navigation
  • defense systems for the protection of road & rail transport
  • production management for ballistic protection solutions

Additionally, Gian-Marco is a certified specialist in quality management consulting for the aerospace & defense sectors (AIRBUS ASR/ GRAMS/GRESS, EN/ AS9100, AQAP 2110, 2210, 2310) and is a member of various workgroups related to aviation safety.


Gian-Marco is a trusted advisor and one of the most esteemed consultants in the following areas:

  • personnel training for operations in frontier markets
  • Safety-II, resilience engineering, and project assurance
  • coaching & training in all-hazards management
  • kids´ physical & cyber safety
  • family safety & resilience
  • corporate safety & security
  • business / holiday travel safety
  • preparedness & readiness
  • survival & bushcraft


Gian-Marco is the CEO & CTO of the following companies:

  • TORBJOERGS SCIENTIFIC: fully owned by the Cabibbe Family, TORBJOERGS SCIENTIFIC is a security science consulting group and a mixed holding firm specialized in decision intelligence, systems thinking, decision engineering, mission planning, systems design, in coaching & training applied to the private sector, and in special operations site management, in integrated design engineering & architecture consulting, in large-scale defense & security project consulting, in smart infrastructure & smart life project consulting, in defense procurement & acquisition consulting, in sourcing & trading of raw materials and intermediate & capital goods, in private security business brokering, in the creation & launching of innovative ventures, and in the overall management of the Family´s assets.

  • CORMORANT CONSTELLATION: created from the merger of all activities & companies developed under the CABIBBE´s umbrella over the past many years, CORMORANT CONSTELLATION is a global B2B group of companies specialized in consulting, design, development, sourcing, brokering, trading, procurement, acquisition, and distribution of defense & security equipment, necessity goods, emergency supplies, raw materials & manufactured goods, and matériel in general mainly for national armed forces, law enforcement & homeland security agencies, international organizations, civil protection & disaster management agencies, and private security companies.

  • LUXURY ARMORS: the latest venture, LUXURY ARMORS is a "beyond what´s next" design firm dedicated to the bridging the most advanced defense technologies with the most luxurious, exclusive lifestyle.


"space called me, I answered .. and space is what I am"

(Gian-Marco Cabibbe)

Gian-Marco is a space scientist and a former air-land-sea special operator, bush pilot, flight instructor, and flight research engineer with extensive experience in high-altitude missions, in variable gravity parabolic flight missions, in close air support, in airborne weapons & sensor systems testing, in HEMS & SAR operations, in human spaceflight mission operations, and in naval aviation operational readiness.  Trained in over 15 types of fixed- & rotary-wing aircraft ranging from seaplanes to supersonic jets to utility helicopters, he holds several type ratings including that for the BK-117 D-2 helicopter and the L-39 jet trainer as well as HALO / HALO military free-fall & combat diving certifications and navigator / observer wings.  A specialist in maritime security, he is a certified PFSO / OFSO, CSO, and MSO.

is the creator of the TRIESTE LIVING SEALAB concept and the founder of DUCKWORX, a very unique group dedicated to the development of aviation-maritime systems, to the research of wing-in-ground applications, and to the development of submerged aircraft egress training systems. He is also the founder & lead instructor of the ROCKTHOR RURBAN SURVIVAL SCHOOL, the first preparedness academy dedicated to survival and family safety in urban & peri-urban settings.  Moreover, he is the founder & owner of ASTROBIONIX, a NewSpace company dedicated to manned planetary exploration, to the utilization of space technologies for life on Earth, and a leading developer of assistive robotics systems, of biosuits & exoskeletons, and of advanced life support systems & telemedicine applications for exploration missions in harsh environments. 

Passionate about off-road racing and cross-country rallying,

The logo: on the foreground, the logo depicts the first character of the Chinese word for "outer space" (太空), thus underlying Gian-Marco´s heritage in the space sector. It is also used as the crest of the Cabibbe family. In the background, it depicts the "vegvísir", an Icelandic magical stave intended to help the bearer find their way through rough weather .. a very appropriate symbol for somebody dedicated to exploration, survival, and bold investments in disruptive concepts.  The colors: the official colors, solid or in camo pattern, are deep blue to symbolize space, the sky, & the oceans, tactical green to symbolize the land and the defense & security expertise, international orange to symbolize safety, training, experimental prototypes, and to recall the color of the flightsuits of research pilots and Space Shuttle astronauts, and a white shadow to symbolize the whole electromagnetic spectrum & ethical cyber hacking.  The red & gold combination is reserved for the LUXURY ARMORS brand whilst the red & white combination is dedicated to TORBJOERGS SCIENTIFIC.

eMail:       gmc @ cabibbe . one

WhatsApp:  +39 3892112232

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